Weighing New Options:A Psychological Handbook for Weight Loss and Maintenance (2009)

לשקול מחדש: המדריך הפסיכולוגי לירידה במשקל ולשמירה על הישגים (2009)

Weighing New Options (2009) is a self-help book designed to help individuals make lifestyle changes based on improved self- awareness and the development of new coping skills necessary to make significant lifestyle changes. The book can serve a complementary guide to any reasonable eating plan or program.

Among the subjects that appear in the book:

  • Establishing conditions for success
  • Identifying and modifying maladaptive thinking patterns
  • Developing constructive thinking habits that support healthful behavior
  • Improving self-regulation skills
  • Coping with high risk situations that often lead to overeating
  • Enlisting support effectively
  • Body Image: Developing a respectful relationship with one’s body
  • Building long term exercise habits
  • Relapse prevention and management

*Available in Hebrew only